Saturday, January 17, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Georgia Mills

   The Peteetneet Museum is staffed by volunteers who oversee the operation of the museum.  The volunteer tour guides are some of the most important the volunteers.  The are the daily face of the museum.  These volunteers donate at least three hours a week, some do even more, sharing their time and talents with the visitors to the museum.  The museum could not operate without these wonderful people.  During the last year, the volunteers donated over 9,000 hours.
    One of our busiest  volunteers is Georgia Mills.  She serves as one of the two Volunteer Co-ordinators over the Tour Guides.  Georgia was  born and raised in Salt Lake City.  She  graduated from South High and then the University of Utah.  She graduated in the field of Elementary Education and taught for nine years.  For a while I was a stay-at-home mom until mission time for her children came.  She then went back to teaching as a substitute to get the needed skills polished up.  She was told she  would need to go back to a second-year level of employment.  She felt that she couldn’t take the pay cut going from a teacher with nine years experience to the pay level of a second year teacher.  She decided that she would not return to teaching and she became  trained on the computer.
    She met her husband at the U o f U and waited for him while he served his mission to the Canada Toronto Mission for the L. D. S Church.  She and her husband  are the parents of five children: 4 boys and 1 girl.
    I joined a temporary employment agency for a short time and then was hired as an Executive Secretary for Kennecott Utah Copper.  She retired from this position after about 13 years. 
    She and her husband served two Service Missions together in the West Valley area where they lived for about 44 years.  Her husband  passed away in 2003 and Ishe then then served three more missions as a single sister.  The first one was to the Fiji Islands where she taught  piano classes in the LDS Church College.  The second mission was to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and then to Nauvoo.  She later fell in love with Payson upon her return from Nauvoo and decided to buy a home here. 
    Georgia said she  truly appreciates the friendships she have gained through all of the volunteers who serve at Peteetneet.  Each one of them is dedicated and does a super job of serving those who come to tour or just gain travel information.  We extend thanks so much to each one of the volunteers and their service and friendship.

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