Wednesday, January 7, 2015


    This week the Peteetneet Museum would like to spotlight one of our long time volunteers, Dorothy Argyle.   Dorothy has been a volunteer at Peteetneet for almost eighteen  years.   She currently serves as a Tour Guide every Tuesday afternoon.
    Dorothy was born In Los Angeles, but because her father was a salesman, she lived in many places in California and Utah.  Her family eventually ended up in Sandy and she graduated from Jordan High School. 
    She  graduated from BYU with degrees in Elementary Education and Counseling. She taught 20 years in Alpine and Granite Districts and 10 years in Nebo, an experience that she throughly enjoyed.  She taught at Wilson School and then became a supervisor of the Third Grade Interns from BYU.  She has appreciated watching her former students grow up and become, doctors, teachers,
mayors, etc.
    After the death of her first husband, she moved to Payson in 1969 after marrying Reed
Argyle, a widower. Reed worked as Superintendent of Postal Operations at the Payson Post
Office. Together they raised a blended family of two boys and two girls: Eddie, Joy, Shaun, and
Karen. Reed passed away in 2005. She has 7 grandchildren and five  great-grandchildren which
she enjoys very much.
    In 1997, she became a volunteer hostess at Peteetneet. and has since become a member of the People Preserving Peteetnet Board of Trustees and a is member of the Peteetneet Arts Council where she serves as secretary. She is one of the original charter members of the Peteetneet Arts Council.  Of these wonderful experiences,  she has become better acquainted with the history of Payson and the most wonderful people that she would never have known had she not chosen to volunteer.  She is also a member of one of the local clubs and has also serve in various capacities over the years.
    In her spare time ( if there ever is any) she enjoys traveling, her many friends, church activities, yard work, and playing the piano and organ. She also loves to sew, crochet, go out to eat, and attend plays.
    Dorothy also visits many of the schools dressed as Betsy Ross. She tells the children about this famous American and the important things she did in our country. She also dresses as the second wife of Brigham Young and tells about her experiences. She is so convincing as this individual that she even sheds tear when telling about her life as a wife of Brigham Young.
    Dorothy is a very talented, friendly, ..., individual.     In fact, there aren't enough adjectives to describe this lovely lady. So, if you haven't visited Peteetneet and had the pleasure of meeting her, take the time and you will be glad you did. She is an individual you should have listed among your friends.

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