Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spotlight Exhibit--Fashion Room


    The Peteetneet Museum has one of the most unusual exhibits of almost any museum in the state.  We have one of our display rooms devoted to the changing fashions of the 150 year span from 1850 to 1990.
    The display is divided into decades beginning with 1850 and going through the 1990's.
Each decade display has examples of clothing and accessories relevant to that time period.  There are examples of pioneer clothing, turn of the century, the Roaring Twenties, Depression Era Clothing, pre and post World War II fashions and well as fashions through the 1990's.
    There are women’s dresses, suits, hats, shoes and every day wear on exhibit.  There are also examples of beautiful gowns worn by Payson royalty in the past.  The men are also represented in the display area as well.
    There is one area of the display room that has attire worn in some Hollywood movies.  There are outfits worn by Doris Day and Sandra Dee.  We also have an original Shirley Temple dress on exhibit.  There are fashions that were also featured in other moves.
    It is hard to put into words the wonderful examples of fashion that we have in the Fashion Room.  Many local people and even some from outside of Payson have donated family heirloom clothing to be display in this wonderful exhibit.
    Some of the clothing may seem strange to us, but then again, maybe our grandchildren will think the same of our current style of dress.  Every era has its unusual and different style of dress.  Maybe in a few years, your current favorite outfit will seem that way to your posterity.
    The fashion room was recently renovated with new paint, new carpeting, and an updated ventilating system.  All of the displays were then rearranged to better display and organized the clothing collection.
    Visit us soon and seen this wonderful exhibit area.  It will bring a smile to your face.

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