Saturday, December 5, 2015


                         MODEL TRAIN EXHIBIT

                                                     TRAINS AT PETEETNEET 2015

                                                  December 12 through December 26

                                        Visit with Santa Saturday 12, 10:00 a.m.-l:00 p.m.

                                 Saturdays 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. M-W-F 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

                                            Closed Sundays and Christmas Day

                                                New features    Operating trains.

                                  Free Admission

                                      Peteetneet Museum & Cultural Art Center

                           10 S 600 E, Payson, UT. 801-465-9427 801-465-4303

Friday, November 27, 2015



     The People Preserving Peteetneet Executive Board and Board of Trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank our President, Dale Barnett for all that he does for the Peteetneet.  He always sees what needs to be done and then he usually takes it upon himself to take care of the problem or the situation himself without bothering anyone else.. 
     He has been involved with the new mission bell monument that has been erected on the southeast corner of the building.  He donated the original California Mission Bell that an uncle gave him many years ago.
     The new bell tower was erected under his direction with a number of volunteers donating their time and talents to erect the new additon.  Dale had assembled the brick and stone work and a local mason donated the work to complete the base of the tower.
     Dale created the metal top and the bracket for the bell.  He later had a beautiful plaque made to tell the history of the bell.
     Dale also had a plaque made for the new gazebo and this will be installed as soon as the weather permits.
     Everything Dale does for the Peteetneet shows that love that he and his late wife, Gloria, had for this beautiful old building.
     Thanks again, Dale, for all that you do.  You are appreciated by everyone who volunteers their time at the museum.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Cross Stitch Art by Gary Duncan


The Peteetneet Arts Council is proud to have Gary Duncan of Manti display his Cross Stitch Art  in our gallery during October and November.  The art is currently on display and will be available for viewing until November 20.
Mr. Duncan has been doing this type of art for about twenty-five years.  He does works of people, animals, and nature.  The pieces of art look like a fine photograph when you stand back from them and when you get closer, you can see the cross stitch pattern that he has utlized.
Take a few minutes and enjoy this fantastic display of this unusual art form.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


By Dona Brian

    Top photo: Dee DeHart (left) and Liz Laney (right) with the gorgeous quilt that will soon belong to some lucky person participating in this year's fundraising drawing. Lower photo: Meet the Peteetneet Quilt Show Committee and helpers for 2015: Loralee Deschamps, Audrey Deschamps, Lanay Brinkerhoff, Brandy Masher, Margaret Cooper, Dona Brian, Liz Laney, Deslie Davis, Kristin Roylance, Claire Roylance, Krystal Meldrum, and Dee DeHart Come to the Payson Quilt Show, and you might walk away with this beautiful quilt.
    It was pieced and appliqued by Dee DeHart and Liz Laney. The quilt is a turned applique quilt which is a very difficult technique and very intricate. There are designs embroidered on it also of a spider ai»d web, and insects which are Victorian symbols believed tq bring you good luck. These special designs were drawn by Liz and embroidered by Dee. It was quilted by Lynn Peterson.

    Shirley learned to embroidery at a young age from her grandmother. She truly learned the art of beautiful handwork throughout her life and she shared this talent with many friends and family. She loved the art of quilting and piecing together quilts.
     Her early accomplishments would prepare her for the beautiful quilt work she enjoyed in her later retirement years. Some of the first quilts she made were what she called her utility quilts. Those were made and shared for practical reasons. But her favorite quilting season in life came when she joined several quilt guilds and it was during this time that she became a skilled artist. Her favorites were her "Red" work quilts and scrappy quilts. She always had a project going and another two or three in line.
    She truly was happiest when her hands were busy creating another quilt. With each challenge and project completed, she found satisfaction in the beautiful work she was able to accomplish. One of the most difficult things she endured in the last year of her life was to no longer be able to do her quilting and piece work. It is an honor to have her work displayed and shared with family and community. That would have brought her joy.

Friday, September 18, 2015



Payson Quilts!

Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center

10 South 600 East

Payson, Utah

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Hours of the Show:
September 23rd - 26th  10:00 am - 4:00 pm
September 28th - 29th  10:00 am - 8:00 pm
September 30th             10:00 am - 6:00 pm

*Free Quilt Show
*Sewing Night with Becky Morganson
*Free Demonstrations
*The Featured Artist this year is Laurel Christensen
*Quilt Walk/Home Tour and Breakfast
*Tying Quilts for Mountain View Hospital
*Quilt Raffle

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Laverne Crump Doll Collection

    The Payson Historical Society is proud to have Laverne Crump’s Doll Collection and Cross-Stitch Exhibit on display in the Historical Room.  Mrs. Crump has been collecting various types and sizes of dolls for many year.  Many of the dolls have crocheted dresses that were made by her grandmother many years ago.  It is an amazing collection that fills three glass display cases in the museum.   Don’ t miss this outstanding exhibit.
    Mrs. Crump also has on display an assortment of Cross-Stitch pictures that she had completed.  They are fantastic pieces of art.  You will want to see them and marvel over the amount of time and work involved in creating these beautiful pieces.
    Take a little time from you busy schedule and visit the museum on any weekday between 10 AM and 4 PM to see this outstanding collection that Mrs. Crump has assembled.  The display will run through to the end of September.

Monday, September 7, 2015

September Activities at the Peteetneet Museum


The Art Gallery will be hosting the Professional Artists Display from the Onion Days Exhibit.  These beautiful pieces of art will be on display until Friday September 18.  Don't miss this fantasticexhibit.

LaVern Crump's Doll Collection will be on display until the end of September.  This is a beautiful display of dolls that she has collected over many years.  Take a new minutes and visit the museum from 10 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

Ever thought of becoming a tour guide and joining a wonderful group of individuals who share their time and talents each week at the museum.  You will be asked to only give three hours  a week of your time.  Widen your circle of friends and join us.  You may call the museum at 801-465-5265 and leave your name and number and either Georgia Mills or Brenda Reed will return your call or they are at the museum each Thursday morning from  10 AM to 1 PM.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Original Peteetneet Teacher's Desk Donated

Original Peteetneet School Teacher's Desk Donated to  Museum.

Lynn and Jill Carter of Carter Antiques, a local antique store, donated an original Peteetneet School Teacher's desk to the Peteetneet Museum.  They felt that it should be in the museum where it served teachers of the school for many years.  Mr. Carter stated that he had purchased the desk over thirty years ago from Mac Whitlelock. who operated Main Street Antiques.  Mr. Whitelock's store was located where we find the Payson Public Library today.  Mr Whitelock had obtained the desk a number of years earlier from a local individual who had ownership of the desk.
This piece of history is an added asset to our museum as it represents a piece of Peteetneet history as well as Payson history.  The museum would like to thank the Carters for their generosity in donating this valuable antique desk to the Peteetneet Museum.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Colleen Huff Wilson

                                                             Colleen Huff Wilson

            The Peteetneet Museum is staffed by volunteers who oversee the operation of the museum.  The volunteer tour guides are some of the most important volunteers at Peteetneet.  They are the daily face of the museum.  These volunteers donate at least three hours a week, some do even more, sharing their time and talents with the visitors to the museum.  The museum could not operate without these wonderful people.  One of our outstanding volunteers is Colleen Huff Wilson.
            Colleen has actually been a volunteer for many years.  She has assisted her husband, Charlie Ray Wilson on the grounds each year.  She has been there to help weed and plant the flowers each summer.  Her “green thumb” has been evident when you view our beautiful flower beds and gardens.
            Colleen was born and raised in Payson.  She is the daughter of Lewis and Lois Huff.  Lewis was involved in music circles in Payson for many years. He directed the Payson City Band and oversaw the Sunday evening band concerts each summer.
            After graduation from Payson High School, she attended Snow College and LDS Business College.  She later married Charlie Ray Wilson in the Salt Lake Temple.  They made their first home in Walla Walla, Washington while Ray served in the Air Force.  After moving nine times and living in five different cities, they returned to Payson to make their home and raise their family.
            Colleen worked as a secretary in the health industry for most of her married life.  She retired last December after 25 years at Canyon View Medical Group.  After having back surgery in January, she decided she would like to become a Tour Guide volunteer at the museum.  However, she still assists her husband helping maintain the grounds of the museum.
            She became involved in the preservation of Peteetneet.  She first served as a secretary to Gordon Taylor who helped spearhead the saving of this beautiful old Payson landmark.  She stated she had nothing to do with the actual preservation of the building.  She said she is totally amazed at the work and effort that have made the Peteetneet the wonderful facility it is today.
            She feels that each room of the museum is phenomenal and so much of Payson’s history is on exhibit.  Colleen has deep roots in Payson and the Peteetneet.  Her grandmother, mother, and her children were all educated within the walls of this wonderful old school.  Her father organized the Peteetneet Band in the 1960s.
            Most of Colleen’s hobbies involve music.  She is a member of the Payson Civic Chorale and she has played the flute and piccolo in the Payson City Band for many years.  She also loves her Indian flutes (wooden flutes) and has a collection of about five of them.  He latest one has a double barrel and sounds really neat she states.  She also helps sponsor the Huff Music Contest at Payson High School.  Her father began sponsoring the contest more than 40 years ago.
            Since retiring, she has taken up knitting.  She has also been teaching one of her grandsons how to play the flute.  She even found time to teach four of her grandchildren in 4-H this summer.  She and Ray have two children, April Jones and Rhett Wilson.  They also have eight grandchildren, four boys and four girls.
            The Peteetneet Museum feels very fortunate to have Colleen join our other great volunteers at the museum.  She is here every Wednesday afternoon.  Stop by and have her give you tour.       

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Volunteer Tour Guides Needed


    The Peteetneet Museum is currently seeking volunteer tour guides for the museum.  If you can give three hours a week, we would love to have you join us.  We are open Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  Shifts are available from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM and 1:00PM until 4:00 PM.
    Come and meet some wonderful volunteers that you will be associating with each week.  If you are unable to commit to a full shift each week, we also need volunteer substitute tour guides that can fill-in when one of the regulars is unable to be there for their regular shift.
    If you are interested, contact Georgia Mills or Brenda Reed at the Peteetneet Museum on Thursday mornings by calling  801-465-9427 or 801-465-5265.  You may call any other day and leave your name and telephone number and you will be contacted.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

New Gazebo Completed

    On Saturday, July 18, the new Peteetneet Gazebo was erected on the site of the old Gazebo.  The original Gazabo was located near the corner of Utah Avenue and Main Street for many years.  When Utah Avenue was widened east of Main Street,  the Gazebo was moved to the Peteetneet grounds.  It was rebuilt as an Eagle Scout project a number of years ago.  Due to weathering and the rotting of the wooden structure.  It was determined that it could not be rebuilt.
 A short time before Lee Dell Brown, a former resident, passed away, he made a monetary donation to the Peteetneet to be used by the People Preserving Peteetneet in projects they felt needed to be accomplished for the improvement of the facility.  The Board of Trustees voted to purchase new folding chairs for the building and to replace the old Gazebo.
Under the direction of Dale Barnett, PPP President, and individuals assisting a scout completing his Eagle Project took the morning to erect the new Gazebo. This new structure is an added asset to the Peteetneet.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Senior Citizens Art Exhibit

The Peteetneet Arts Council is proud to present an exhibit by the Senior Citizens artists.  The exhibit is being held in the Art Gallery at the Peteetneet Museum.  The exhibit opened on July 1st and will run until August 31.  There are many wonderful paintings on exhibit and we invite everyone to come and see the wonderful pieces.  The museum is opened Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  The museum will be closed on July 24th for the holiday weekend.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Loraine Braithwaite

Peteetneet Museum Volunteer Spotlight
Loraine Smith Braithwaite

We are glad to welcome one of our newest volunteers, Loraine Smith Braithwaite, to the Peteetneet Museum..  Loraine was born in Payson in October of 1929.  She was the second of four daughters of Rusty and Ramona Wall Smith.  She attended schools in Payson.
    During her junior year at Payson High School she met Reed Braithwaite, a senior, from Spanish Fork High School.  She married Reed during the summer of 1946 in the Manti Temple.  After her marriage, she never got the chance to finish her senior year at Payson High School.  They moved to Provo where Reed attended BYU.  He graduated with a teaching degree and they spent the first two years of his career in Rockland, Idaho.  They then moved to Caliente, Lincoln County, Nevada for eight years and then to Elko in 1960 where he taught the remainder of his teaching career.  Reed taught Math and coached basketball.  They lived in Elko until Reed passed away in 2011.
     She has two sisters, one younger and one older, who live in Salt Lake.  Her other sister, Gloria S. Barnett, recently passed away.  Gloria was a long time supporter of the Peteetneet Museum and the Payson Historical Society.  She had served as President of both organizations.
    Loraine has one daughter living in Honolulu, Hawaii, son in Chuckey, TN, and a son in Elko, Nevada.  She has seven grandchildren and a “bunch”of great-grandchildren.  Another son passed away.
    Loraine did have the opportunity in 1973 to graduate from high school in the Elko Adult High School Program.  There was seven ladies and one man in the class.  This was the first Adult High School Program in the area They had their photo in the local paper holding their diplomas`.
    Loraine currently lives in Springville and comes every Friday morning with a neighbor who also volunteers as a Tour Guide.  She enjoys her time at Peteetneet and looks forward to each Friday.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Sue Riggins

    Sue Riggins.

    When visitors enter the Peteetneet Museum on Wednesday afternoons they will be greeted by a very friendly group of ladies.  One of those ladies with the beautiful smile and sparkling eyes is Sue Riggins.  We feel very fortunate to have Sue as one of our Tour Guides.  When she was asked to give us some background on her she submitted the following:
    “Coming full circle describes my living in Utah – I was born in Payson.  My mother was  Audra Finch of Goshen and my father was Donald W. Wilson of Payson.  They were both raised, schooled and married here.   Their family consisted of my sister Jacalynn and I.   Their marriage lasted but a few years. 
    Mom took my sister and I to California and then on to Kansas after she remarried.  Life there was great fun for a kid.  We lived in a poured concrete house on the plains out of Weskan, Kansas for a few years.  It once was owned by a horse thief, according to my new grandma, hence doors to the outside from every room.   It was hard for my mom (lots of rattlesnakes, no electricity, coal burning stove and water from a pump at the kitchen sink.)   My new dad  eked out a living helping with wheat farming.  It was near the end of the 1940’s.  We finally moved to Wichita where he got a job with  Boeing Aircraft.  It was the main employer of the area.  I went to Kindergarten there.
    We later moved to Santa Monica, CA when I started first grade.  My step-father got a job at Douglas Aircraft. Later my mom divorced, got a job and remarried for a third time.  She married the only man my children have ever known as a Grandfather.  We all call him “Grandfer.”
     I  call Santa Monica  “home” as I was raised there, met my husband Ken there, and we started our family there.  What a fabulous place to grow up.  There was Samohi, the beach and so many great friends. 
    Ken and I moved from city life, post Watts-riots, to Hesperia, CA.  This is the upper desert above Cajon Pass.  It was a great place to raise kids, animals and have a small orchard to can fruit.  Our Children, 4 girls, enjoyed the rural life participating in 4H and then FFA as well as sports and scouts. 
    My husband became a contractor and coached football teams throughout his life.  From pop-Warner to College as time permitted.   I worked there for a physician and then, as my education completed, I worked in the HIM (Health Information Management) field. 
    Ken got an opportunity, after our children had left the nest, to work as a Site Manager for Fed-Ex at LAX.  This great job led me to work for PHS (Professional Healthcare Systems- Later Keane, Inc.)  We moved to Marina Del Rey and lived on a boat in a slip at the marina.  What a fun time in our lives.  I traveled on my job to many hospitals to assist with their medical records software conversions.   I had jobs from Long Island NY,  to Kauai HI.  Ken loved his work and I mine.
    The grief of a tragedy (the murder of one of our daughters) led me back to our home, Ken returned as well after an accident.    We lived in Hesperia until the year both Ken and my mother died.   I sold the house and moved to Arizona with my youngest daughter, where I lived happily for five years, watching grandchildren grow and sharing the fun.  I was doubly blessed as another daughter and her family lived only 2 blocks from her sister.  My oldest daughter and her family live in Colorado.
    I now have returned to Utah, live with Gradfer, and enjoy small town life.  I am lucky to live next door to my Aunt.  The lovely people, and breathtaking landscape keep me content.”
    Sue is one of our most outstanding Tour Guides and the museum and we feel very fortunate that she has joined the other great volunteers at Peteetneet.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--L. Dee Stevenson

Peteetneet Volunteer Spotlight
    L. Dee Stevenson

    This week we would like to spotlight one of our outstanding volunteers, L. Dee Stevenson.  He has been involved with the Peteetneet Museum for almost fifteen years as a volunteer.  He serves as a Tour Guide every Friday morning.  He also attended Peteetneet during elementary school.
    He wears many different hats at the museum in addition to being a Tour Guide: he is a Past President of the PPP and serves on the Executive Committee was well as the Board of Trustees; he created and maintains our web pages as well as our Blogspot and Facebook pages; he is responsible for the compilation and publication of the museum newsletter three times a year and posting it to our web page; he submits our Volunteer Spotlights to the Payson Chronicle and keeps our marquee up to date.  He also serves as the President of the Payson Historical Society.  He does the historical articles that appear in the local newspaper.  He also updates the Blogspot and Facebook pages of the Historical Society.  He along with Calvin Reece, a Board of Trustee member, collected almost six hundred historical photos of Payson.  Some of these are being posted on our Blogspot as “Photos of the Day.” The photos they collected became the basis of the “Payson–Then and Now” series in the Chronicle and the subsequent book that has been on sale as a fund raiser at the Peteetneet.  He also assisted Gloria Barnett in updating the publication, “A Walking Tour of Old Payson, Old Fort Peteetneet and Historic Payson.  This booklet can be purchased the Peteetneet.  He has also served on the Payson Preservation Board for a number of years.
    He was recently asked to write a summary history of Payson to be included in the cornerstone of the new Payson LDS Temple.  The committee also included a copy of “Payson–Then and Now” as part of the collection in the cornerstone of the new temple..
    Dee retired from Nebo School District after thirty-seven years of teaching.  He taught Computer Technology at the Spanish Fork Middle School.  He was a member of Nebo Education Association, the Utah Education Association and a Life Member of the National Education Association.
    He received numerous awards while teaching.  He was honored in the publications, “Outstanding Teachers in American Education,” and “Outstanding Elementary Teachers of America” and he was the recipient of the “Crystal Apple Award.”  He served as an officer of the Nebo Teacher Association and was a Teacher Leader in Nebo School District for many years.
    Dee and his wife, the former Julie Cheever, have resided in Payson their entire lives.  They have five children and seven grandchildren.  Dee also served his county in Vietnam with the 25th Infantry Division at the height of the Vietnam War in the 1960s.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Kathleen Muhlstein

Peteetneet Volunteer Spotlight
Kathleen Reilly-Muhlestein

    The Peteetneet Museum is very blessed to have so many great volunteers give of their time and talents to our facility. One of these Tour Guide Volunteers is Kathleen Muhlestein of Payson. She has been a volunteer at Peteetneet for about years. She says she is a "local or maybe a loco local" who was born and raised in our community.
    She was the only child of Clarence and Lenore Hill of Payson. Her father at one time served on the Payson City Council and her mother taught second grade at the Taylor and Wilson Schools for many years. Kathleen attended Taylor School as well as Payson Junior High and graduated from Payson High School.
    She graduated from BYU with a degree in Elementary Education.  She started her teaching career in Nebo School District and taught there for twenty-six years (except for one year she spent in Laie, Hawaii).
    Kathleen  and her late husband, Tom Reilly began volunteering at Peteetneet one day a week. They also enjoyed exhibiting their many Irish artifacts that they collected from visits to Tom's homeland of Ireland. Their exhibit a number of years ago was one of the most outstanding ones that has been on display in the Historical Society Room during St. Patrick's Day.  Tom passed away in late 2007 but Kathleen continued her volunteering at Peteetneet.
    Kathleen later met a wonderful widower from Brigham City.  After she and Glen Muhlstein were marrid, they made their home in Payson.  Kathleen and Glenn enjoy traveling and doing things together in their retirement years.
    Kathleen has three children: Sallie, Aimee, and Craig.  She has 11 grandchildren.  In addition, she and Tom shared his 12 grandchildren, and now she is sharing another 24 grandchildren with Glenn. That gives them a total of 47 grandchildren that makeup their extended family along with other additional family members. 
    Kathleen likes to read, cook, sew, see movies, do genealogy, see BYU football games, and meet and share times with "old" friends. Her motto is, "With age I won't be dawdling and dreaming-Fll go out kicking and screaming!"

For a very interesting visit to Peteetneet, be sure and stop by on a Monday morning and enjoy a tour with this witty and bubbly lady. Iftvill be a real treat.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Charlie Ray Wilson

Peteetneet Volunteer Spotlight-Charlie Ray Wilson

    Ray is one of our most dedicated volunteers.  He has been involved with the Peteetneet for many years.  He is a past president of the People Preserving Peteetneer, a past vice-president of the PPP, a current member of the Executive Board and the Board of Trustees of Peteetneet. 
    In addition, during all of the duties noted he has also served as volunteer in charge of the grounds at the Peteetneet.  He has spent many hours overseeing the grounds and taking care of many of the projects in keeping our grounds looking as beautiful as they are.  He also oversees the Community Service individuals that help to maintain the grounds.  He has provided an invaluable service to Peteetnet and we owe him  a debt of gratitude.
    Ray was born and raised in Payson.  He graduated from Payson High School.  After graduation, he joined the Air Force and served four years in the Air Police.  After he was honorably discharged, he moved to Springville.  While he lived there, he attended Brigham Young University for four years where he majored in Zoology and Law Enforcement..  During this time, he also worked for BYU Security and The Learner Company as a Security Guard for the old Ironton Plant while it was being dismantled.
    After college, he accepted employment with the Utah Highway Patrol in San Juan County and lived in Monticello.  After 3 years, he returned to Utah County.  He first lived in Lehi. Later,  he returned to Payson where he has resided since.  He retired from the Highway Patrol in 2005 with 32 years of service.
    His hobbies include gardening which has help with his volunteer grounds overseeing our grounds.   He also enjoys  four-wheeling and camping with his family.
    He is married to the former Colleen Huff and they have  two children–April Jones and Rhett Wilson.  He and Colleen have 8 grandchildren (four boys and four girls).
    Ray is appreciative of all the people from past years to the present who have given their time and talents to the improvement and preservation of the Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--S. Dale Barnett

S. Dale Barnett has been one of the most active volunteers of the Peteetneet Museum.  Even though Dale Barnett recently lost his wife, Gloria, he is determined to give his full efforts to the Peteetneet serving as the new President of the People Preserving Peteetneet.  His wife, Gloria,  had served as the president of the PPP a  numbr of  years ago.  This is a family tradition to serve as volunteers at the Peteetneet Museum..  He and his wife were some of the most outstanding supporters  of the Peteetneet Museum.
  The Dale along with his wife have been involved with the Peteetneet since the PPP was organized.  The Museum would not be what it is today without the help and support of this wonderful couple. 
    Dale served as a Volunteer Fireman for many years as well as a member of the Utah County Jeep Patrol among some of his civic volunteering.   Dale has served as the vice-president of the People Preserving Peteetneet for the last two years.
   Dale has donated many hours and much of his own money to assist in the development and improvement of the Peteetneet Museum.  If a job needed to be complete at the museum, he was the first to volunteer to see that it was completed.  He has served on the People Preserving Peteetneet Board of Trustees for many years..
            Dale has been involved in many projects at the Peteetneet. He has lent his expertise as a heating and air-conditioning expert at the Peteetneet since it became a museum.  He has received many state and national awards for his business and civic activities.  He recently donated an old  Spanish Mission bell that an uncle gave to him many years ago.  He donated and oversaw the construction of a monument to display the bell.
  Dale and his company, Payson Sheet Metal, advises the L. D. S. Church throughout the world on the heating and cooling systems in the temples and some other church buildings.  He also serves as a member of the Peteetneet Grounds Committee overseeing the maintenance of the building and grounds.
  The Barnetts are the parents of four children: V. L., Cheri DeGraw (deceased), Sargent and Rusty.  They have sixteen grandchildren and a great many great-grandchildren.
            The couple, both lifelong residents, have represented Payson in everything they have done over their lifetime.  Most of the things they have done, has been done without fanfare but for their love of this community and Peteetneet.              
  Dale and his late wife, Gloria, served as Grand Marshals of the Payson Onion Days and Homecoming several years ago.  This was an honor that this couple rightly deserved.  The Peteetneet Museum feels very fortunate to have Dale giving of his time and talents to the museum.  It is people like the Dale that have made the Peteetneet such an outstanding place in the community.

Volunteer Spotlight--Betty Oberg

    Peteetneet Volunteer Spotlight
    Betty McCoy Oberg

    The Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center is very fortunate to have so many wonderful volunteers that give of their time and talents to our facility each week. All of the volunteers are each such a vital part of  Peteetneet  that we could not operate without them. This week we would like to Spotlight Betty McCoy Oberg as one of our outstanding volunteers.
    Betty was born in Baraboo, Wisconsin on October 14, 1930. She is the daughter of Don J. and Gertrude McCoy.  Baraboo was the home of the famous Ringling Brothers Circus. She is a young 84 but you would think she had not even celebrated her 60th birthday.  She a very active individual.
    Betty moved to Payson in 1937 because of her dad's asthma. He needed to move to a drier climate. The new climate agreed with him and the McCoy's remained here the rest of their lives. Her father operated the Gambles Store and then what eventually became the Western Auto Store on Payson's Main Street. After retiring and selling the store, he  became the Payson City Judge for many years.
    Betty attended school at the Taylor Elementary,  Payson Junior High, and  she graduated from  Payson High School. She said she enjoyed her years attending the local schools. Although, she never attended Peteetneet as a student, she has grown to love the beautiful old building.
    She married Bernard Oberg of Genola. They lived in Genola for seventeen years and then
moved to Payson in 1967.   Betty and Bernard are the parents of two children, Carol  Pulver of Payson and Gary (Vicky) Oberg of Delta. They have ten grandchildren and thirteen great grandchildren. Bernard  passed away in 2003.
    Betty worked at Utah Sportswear for many years. She loves  to travel and is a very avid reader. A few years ago,  one of our former volunteers, Eleanor Loveless, was  unable to drive any longer so Betty drove to Eleanor's home in East Payson and picked her up and brought  her to Peteetneet each week.   She even volunteers to cover shifts for others at the Peteetneet if they are unable to come on their assigned day.  Betty is the kind of person that is always helping others.  She has been a volunteer for the last eleven years.
    The volunteers that work with Betty every Thursday afternoon, have become very good friends and they look forward to associating with her each week.  Betty loves the other volunteers she associates with at the museum. They are so generous with their time.
    Berry is a ray of sunshine with her positive attitude whenever she is in the building.  She said it has been great to see the improvements at Peteetneet.  She said the building and grounds always look so nice and the exhibits are always being improved and added to all the time.
    Betty looks forward to the great visitors from all the different states and many different countries taht visit our museum.
    The Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center is lucky to have people like Betty who gives of her time, talents and love to help preserve such a great Payson landmark. Betty loves to share the building and the exhibits with those that come to see the facility. Payson, come and meet Betty, you will be glad that you did.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Carol S. Laycock

    Carol S. Laycock

    The Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center has so many great volunteers that give of their time and talents to our facility that it is difficult to choose only one each week to spotlight.
    All of the volunteers are each such a vital part of Peteetneet that we
could not operate without them. This week we would like to Spotlight Carol S. Laycock as one of our volunteers.
Carol was born and raised in Payson. As an elementary student, she attended Peteetneet. She lived only five blocks south of the school.
    After graduating from high school she moved to Salt Lake City to attend school. She met Clifford Laycock of American Fork and they were married in 1956. They are the parents of four daughters. They have nineteen grandchildren and seventeen great grandchildren.
    They lived in Payson for short time after they were married. They then lived in American Fork, then Orem and then later moved back to the American Fork and Highland area where lived for forty years.
    She worked at the American Fork Training School, later renamed the Utah Development Center. She worked there as a technician for thirty years until her retirement. After both Carol and her husband retired, they sold their home and property in Highland and moved back to Payson. They lived in Payson for fifteen years until her husband passed away in 2008. Carol found that the large lot and big home were just too much to take care of by herself so she sold her home and moved into a condominium in Springville.  It is a 55+ community and she loves living there.  She has made many new friends since moving there.
    Several years ago, the Peteetneet Arts Council asked her to show some of her cross-stitch work in an art show along with Marion Wilson who was showing some of  her beautiful flower arrangements.  She later created a large cross-stitch of the Peteetneet Museum that we proudly have on display in our office reception area.
    She stated it has been wonderful to see the improvements that have been made to the building since she was a student here so many years ago.  She looks forward to meeting the visitors from the different states and foreign countries that visit our museum each week.  She has found it offers a great opportunity to make many new friends and renew old friendships with friends she has not seen for many years.  Carol encourages people to take the opportunity to become a volunteer Tour Guide at the museum.  It is a great experience.
    The Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center is lucky to have people like Carol who give of their time and talents at the museum.  She thinks it is great that this great building has been preserved and now represents the city of Payson.  Carol loves to share the building and the exhibits with those that come to see the museum.
    Payson, come and meet Carol on Friday mornings and take a tour of our beautiful old building.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Sandy Hummer

    Peteetneet Museum Volunteer Spotlight
    Sandy Hummer

    The Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center is proud this week to Spotlight one of our outstanding volunteers, Sandy Hummer.
    Sandy Hummer was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. She met and married her sweetheart and best friend, Dennis,  on September 30, 1961. They have 5 children, four daughters and one son, they also have 17 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. Four of their children live in Utah and one daughter lives near Columbus, Ohio.
    Sandra and Dennis moved to Utah on the 3rd. of July 1998 into a condo they purchased. They  lived in Provo for four years, when they decided to sell the condo and move to Payson. After Dennis passed away in December of 2002, Sandra needed something to keep her occupied. She found the Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center was looking for Tour Guides and started with that job. She then became a member of the PPP (People Preserving Peteetnet) and eventually was elected to the position of Secretary/Treasurer for organization. She currently serves in that position. She is an added asset to the overall operation of Peteetneet. She keeps the Board of Trustees on their toes about matters pertaining to the museum operation.  She is the reporter for the Cultus Club.She also serves as the Treasurer of the Payson Historical Society.
    She has been employed with Payson City as the Peteetneet Building Scheduler for the last four years.  She has done an excellent job in this position.  She was very organized and knws exactly what was happening in the building and what events were scheduled in the coming weeks and months.  She just retired from the city position  at the end of April.  Her position will be covered by Janeen Dean, Janeen will be a full time employee of the city and she will be over building scheduling, Payson City Events and she will also serve as a grant writer for the city.
    Every organization Sandy is involved with has recognized her abilities and they all appreciate all that she does.  Each organization funtions much better due to the efforts of Sandy.
    Sandy has been volunteering at the Peteetneet for almost 13 years. She is looking forward to her retirement. She has been called to work in the new Payson LDS Temple on Tuesday mornings.  She is looking forward to this new part in her life.  She did note however, she will still be working with the Payson Historical Society, People Preserving Peteetneet and the Cultus Club.  She will also become a Tour Guide every Wednesday morning.
    Sandy lived and worked in Buffalo, New York all her life, and spent 25 years as a driver taking Senior Citizens to and from Doctor appointments. Her husband Dennis worked over 25 years as a Deputy Sheriff for Erie County in Western New York.
    While raising their family they always had a large garden and Sandra would can and preserve foods for their growing youngsters. She is famous for her chocolate chip cookies which are always requested from her grandchildren when she goes to visit them. She loves to cross stitch and is currently working on baby quilts for her great grandchildren. She also loves to read and do volunteer work.
    Sandra is very glad to be here in Payson and has made many wonderful friendships. She is grateful for the opportunity she has to volunteer here with everyone that helps maintain and keep this beautiful old building functioning.  The museum appreciates all that Sandy had done for the museum.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Milt and JaNae Friedli

Milt and JaNae Friedli

            The Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center feels very fortunate to have Milt and Janae Friedli as two of our outstanding volunteers.  This couple has  shared their efforts in many areas in the community over the last few years.
            Milt was born and raised in Logan, Utah. His father died when he was eight years old. He was the third child of Carl and Elizabeth Friedli. He had two brothers and one sister. He went to Harlan, Montana and lived with his aunt and uncle and worked on their farm.
            He went back to Logan and was injured in a motorcycle accident and went to the hospital. He met JaNae who worked at the hospital. They had their first date in November and were married nine weeks later in January of 1960. They recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary  as "newlyweds.”  They have one daughter, Teresa, and three sons; Dart, Greg, and Alan. They have 12 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.
Milt has worked on ranches in Harlan and Dillon, Montana; Smithfield and Logan, Utah. He has worked on construction of many buildings at Utah State University as well as helping build many churches in Idaho and Utah. He has also operated a crane, worked in the Desert Cheese factory making cheese for the LDS Church welfare program. Before coming to Payson he was sexton in the Clarkston, Utah Cemetery.
JaNae was born in Logan and was the first child of Ralph and Ethel Greene of Smithfield. She has three brothers and one sister.  She worked in the hospitals in Logan and Dillon, Montana. She has also worked in the lunch program in the Cache County School District. She has served as a Pink Lady in both the Logan and Mountain View Hospitals. While living in Clarkston, she helped with the Martin Harris Pageant.
She is a member of the DUP in  the Wagon Wheel Camp. She likes to do genealogy, knit, crochet camp, read, and enjoy life. She loves associating with family and friends
The Friedli's moved to Payson in 1999 and they started volunteering at Peteetneet. Milt worked on the grounds and helped with the maintenance work at Peteetneet. He did so well in this capacity, he was hired part time by Payson City. Even though he works part time, he also volunteers many hours a month helping in other area of the Peteetneet. He enjoys his association with the other people who work with him, and he says he couldn't do it without the help of the other volunteers.
JaNae serves as a volunteer Tour Guide every Tuesday morning at the Peteetneet.  She also fills in where ever else she is needed during the week.
JaNae and Milt have volunteered for Payson Scottish Days, the Salmon Supper, and the Cancer Society's "Walk for Life" committee.   Both of them have serve on the Board of Trustees of People Preserving Peteetneet and are members of the Payson Historical Society.
The Friedli's feel the pride and satisfaction that comes from serving Payson and the Peteetneet in this capacity. Milt said he appreciates the help and support of the many volunteers. He enjoys his job maintaining the grounds and the building. As well as volunteering in other capacities.
The People Preserving Peteetneet and the Peteetneet Museum are very proud of the Friedli's and appreciate both of them very much.  It is volunteers like Mile and JaNae that  makes the museum.