Thursday, May 21, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--S. Dale Barnett

S. Dale Barnett has been one of the most active volunteers of the Peteetneet Museum.  Even though Dale Barnett recently lost his wife, Gloria, he is determined to give his full efforts to the Peteetneet serving as the new President of the People Preserving Peteetneet.  His wife, Gloria,  had served as the president of the PPP a  numbr of  years ago.  This is a family tradition to serve as volunteers at the Peteetneet Museum..  He and his wife were some of the most outstanding supporters  of the Peteetneet Museum.
  The Dale along with his wife have been involved with the Peteetneet since the PPP was organized.  The Museum would not be what it is today without the help and support of this wonderful couple. 
    Dale served as a Volunteer Fireman for many years as well as a member of the Utah County Jeep Patrol among some of his civic volunteering.   Dale has served as the vice-president of the People Preserving Peteetneet for the last two years.
   Dale has donated many hours and much of his own money to assist in the development and improvement of the Peteetneet Museum.  If a job needed to be complete at the museum, he was the first to volunteer to see that it was completed.  He has served on the People Preserving Peteetneet Board of Trustees for many years..
            Dale has been involved in many projects at the Peteetneet. He has lent his expertise as a heating and air-conditioning expert at the Peteetneet since it became a museum.  He has received many state and national awards for his business and civic activities.  He recently donated an old  Spanish Mission bell that an uncle gave to him many years ago.  He donated and oversaw the construction of a monument to display the bell.
  Dale and his company, Payson Sheet Metal, advises the L. D. S. Church throughout the world on the heating and cooling systems in the temples and some other church buildings.  He also serves as a member of the Peteetneet Grounds Committee overseeing the maintenance of the building and grounds.
  The Barnetts are the parents of four children: V. L., Cheri DeGraw (deceased), Sargent and Rusty.  They have sixteen grandchildren and a great many great-grandchildren.
            The couple, both lifelong residents, have represented Payson in everything they have done over their lifetime.  Most of the things they have done, has been done without fanfare but for their love of this community and Peteetneet.              
  Dale and his late wife, Gloria, served as Grand Marshals of the Payson Onion Days and Homecoming several years ago.  This was an honor that this couple rightly deserved.  The Peteetneet Museum feels very fortunate to have Dale giving of his time and talents to the museum.  It is people like the Dale that have made the Peteetneet such an outstanding place in the community.

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