Thursday, May 21, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Betty Oberg

    Peteetneet Volunteer Spotlight
    Betty McCoy Oberg

    The Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center is very fortunate to have so many wonderful volunteers that give of their time and talents to our facility each week. All of the volunteers are each such a vital part of  Peteetneet  that we could not operate without them. This week we would like to Spotlight Betty McCoy Oberg as one of our outstanding volunteers.
    Betty was born in Baraboo, Wisconsin on October 14, 1930. She is the daughter of Don J. and Gertrude McCoy.  Baraboo was the home of the famous Ringling Brothers Circus. She is a young 84 but you would think she had not even celebrated her 60th birthday.  She a very active individual.
    Betty moved to Payson in 1937 because of her dad's asthma. He needed to move to a drier climate. The new climate agreed with him and the McCoy's remained here the rest of their lives. Her father operated the Gambles Store and then what eventually became the Western Auto Store on Payson's Main Street. After retiring and selling the store, he  became the Payson City Judge for many years.
    Betty attended school at the Taylor Elementary,  Payson Junior High, and  she graduated from  Payson High School. She said she enjoyed her years attending the local schools. Although, she never attended Peteetneet as a student, she has grown to love the beautiful old building.
    She married Bernard Oberg of Genola. They lived in Genola for seventeen years and then
moved to Payson in 1967.   Betty and Bernard are the parents of two children, Carol  Pulver of Payson and Gary (Vicky) Oberg of Delta. They have ten grandchildren and thirteen great grandchildren. Bernard  passed away in 2003.
    Betty worked at Utah Sportswear for many years. She loves  to travel and is a very avid reader. A few years ago,  one of our former volunteers, Eleanor Loveless, was  unable to drive any longer so Betty drove to Eleanor's home in East Payson and picked her up and brought  her to Peteetneet each week.   She even volunteers to cover shifts for others at the Peteetneet if they are unable to come on their assigned day.  Betty is the kind of person that is always helping others.  She has been a volunteer for the last eleven years.
    The volunteers that work with Betty every Thursday afternoon, have become very good friends and they look forward to associating with her each week.  Betty loves the other volunteers she associates with at the museum. They are so generous with their time.
    Berry is a ray of sunshine with her positive attitude whenever she is in the building.  She said it has been great to see the improvements at Peteetneet.  She said the building and grounds always look so nice and the exhibits are always being improved and added to all the time.
    Betty looks forward to the great visitors from all the different states and many different countries taht visit our museum.
    The Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center is lucky to have people like Betty who gives of her time, talents and love to help preserve such a great Payson landmark. Betty loves to share the building and the exhibits with those that come to see the facility. Payson, come and meet Betty, you will be glad that you did.

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