Sunday, August 9, 2015

Original Peteetneet Teacher's Desk Donated

Original Peteetneet School Teacher's Desk Donated to  Museum.

Lynn and Jill Carter of Carter Antiques, a local antique store, donated an original Peteetneet School Teacher's desk to the Peteetneet Museum.  They felt that it should be in the museum where it served teachers of the school for many years.  Mr. Carter stated that he had purchased the desk over thirty years ago from Mac Whitlelock. who operated Main Street Antiques.  Mr. Whitelock's store was located where we find the Payson Public Library today.  Mr Whitelock had obtained the desk a number of years earlier from a local individual who had ownership of the desk.
This piece of history is an added asset to our museum as it represents a piece of Peteetneet history as well as Payson history.  The museum would like to thank the Carters for their generosity in donating this valuable antique desk to the Peteetneet Museum.

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