Sunday, April 26, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Milt and JaNae Friedli

Milt and JaNae Friedli

            The Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center feels very fortunate to have Milt and Janae Friedli as two of our outstanding volunteers.  This couple has  shared their efforts in many areas in the community over the last few years.
            Milt was born and raised in Logan, Utah. His father died when he was eight years old. He was the third child of Carl and Elizabeth Friedli. He had two brothers and one sister. He went to Harlan, Montana and lived with his aunt and uncle and worked on their farm.
            He went back to Logan and was injured in a motorcycle accident and went to the hospital. He met JaNae who worked at the hospital. They had their first date in November and were married nine weeks later in January of 1960. They recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary  as "newlyweds.”  They have one daughter, Teresa, and three sons; Dart, Greg, and Alan. They have 12 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.
Milt has worked on ranches in Harlan and Dillon, Montana; Smithfield and Logan, Utah. He has worked on construction of many buildings at Utah State University as well as helping build many churches in Idaho and Utah. He has also operated a crane, worked in the Desert Cheese factory making cheese for the LDS Church welfare program. Before coming to Payson he was sexton in the Clarkston, Utah Cemetery.
JaNae was born in Logan and was the first child of Ralph and Ethel Greene of Smithfield. She has three brothers and one sister.  She worked in the hospitals in Logan and Dillon, Montana. She has also worked in the lunch program in the Cache County School District. She has served as a Pink Lady in both the Logan and Mountain View Hospitals. While living in Clarkston, she helped with the Martin Harris Pageant.
She is a member of the DUP in  the Wagon Wheel Camp. She likes to do genealogy, knit, crochet camp, read, and enjoy life. She loves associating with family and friends
The Friedli's moved to Payson in 1999 and they started volunteering at Peteetneet. Milt worked on the grounds and helped with the maintenance work at Peteetneet. He did so well in this capacity, he was hired part time by Payson City. Even though he works part time, he also volunteers many hours a month helping in other area of the Peteetneet. He enjoys his association with the other people who work with him, and he says he couldn't do it without the help of the other volunteers.
JaNae serves as a volunteer Tour Guide every Tuesday morning at the Peteetneet.  She also fills in where ever else she is needed during the week.
JaNae and Milt have volunteered for Payson Scottish Days, the Salmon Supper, and the Cancer Society's "Walk for Life" committee.   Both of them have serve on the Board of Trustees of People Preserving Peteetneet and are members of the Payson Historical Society.
The Friedli's feel the pride and satisfaction that comes from serving Payson and the Peteetneet in this capacity. Milt said he appreciates the help and support of the many volunteers. He enjoys his job maintaining the grounds and the building. As well as volunteering in other capacities.
The People Preserving Peteetneet and the Peteetneet Museum are very proud of the Friedli's and appreciate both of them very much.  It is volunteers like Mile and JaNae that  makes the museum.

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