Sunday, April 5, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Iris and Raydon Madson


    Each week the Peteetneet Museum likes to spotlight one of our great volunteers.  This week we would like to spotlight Iris and Raydon Madson.  Iris adds a spot of sunshine each Friday afternoon to the museum.  She always arrives with a smile on her face and brings a happy atmosphere into the building with her arrival.  Raydon is always there to support Iris when he is needed.
    Raydon was born and raised in Payson.  His family home stood where we find Taco Time today on 100 West.  He attended Peteetneet School from the second to the fifth grade so his attachment for Peteetneet is deeply ingrained in him.  His mother, Emma Tanner Madson also attended Peteetneet and was one of the first graduates in 1903.
    Raydon is a retired educator from Nebo School District.  He taught band, math, and science among other classes he had over the years.  When he retired, he was teaching at the Spanish Fork Middle School.  After retiring, one of his former principals, who was now the principal of Payson Junior High, asked him to come and be a teacher’s assistant with some of the programs at the school.  He felt that Raydon had a lot to offer to students of that school.  He remained there for a few more years.
    Raydon and Iris have always been very active in the LDS Church.  He served a mission to Sweden as a young man.  He has served in many positions including Bishop.  They have both
    Iris has always led a very active live in her church callings and working at Mountain View Hospital for a number of years.
Iris was born in Reno, Nevada but was raised in Salt Lake City.  She met Raydon while they were both students at Brigham Young University.  They moved to Payson in 1955 and have made their home here since that time.
    The Madsons are the parents of eleven children.  As Iris says, “They have a large posterity of children in their family.  They have over 40 grandchildren and a large number of great-grandchildren.”   As Iris would say, “There are so many that I have lost count but we love them all.
    Iris and Raydon  recently celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary and their birthdays.  Ten of  their eleven children attended the Peteetneet.  Their youngest attended the “new” Barnett Elementary School.  All of their children utilized the playground of the Peteetneet since it was so close to their home.
    When they both “finally retired” they were called to serve a mission to Sweden.  After they returned from their mission,  they found the Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center could be reserved for reunions and other types of activities.  Iris came to the museum to reserve a day for their family.  While she was there, she was asked it she would like to become a Tour Guide and she agreed to volunteer.  She has now been here almost seventeen years.  Raydon assists when his help is needed to help Iris cover for others who cannot make it that day.  They both volunteer because they both love serving others and do not seek the limelight for what they do.
    We can never thank Iris and Raydon for all they have done and are still doing for the Peteetneet.

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