Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Dona Brian


    The Peteetneet Museum has been very blessed to have some of the most wonderful Tour Guides of any facility in the country.  This week, we would like to spotlight Dona Brian.  She is one of those volunteers that always seems to go the extra mile no matter what the task might be.  This very knowledgeable lady can be found each Monday morning waiting to take you on a very informative tour of the building.
    Dona has been a volunteer at Peteetneet for almost twelve years.  She has served as President of the Peteetneet Arts Council for a number of times and was recently elected to that position once again after the last president moved from the area.  Her terms of service have not been consecutive even thought she has now served for six years and is now beginning another two year term.  The Arts Council knows when they have a very dedicated, capable person in this important position.
    Dona feels the time she has been involved at Peteetneet as a Volunteer and member of the Arts Council has been very enjoyable.  She feels that her involvement with the people has been great and it has given her the opportunity to share her time and talents with the many great people she has met and associated while being involved at the museum.
    Dona was married to her husband, E. Dean Brian, for 50 years before he passed away suddenly in 2003.  They are the parents of one daughter and four sons.  She enjoys spending time with them and her nineteen grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren.  All but one of her children lives\ close by with the exception one son who lives in Alaska.
    Dona and her husband operated a very successful State Farm Insurance agency in Springville for more that forty years.
    She has enjoyed using her talents in writing and management when promoting the annual quilt shows and train shows.  She feels the each year the quilt shows become better than the previous that have been held.  She feels the talents shared by all of the organizations and participants have been outstanding.  Each year, the visitors to the quilt shows always comment that some of the best shows they have seen are at the Peteetneet.
    She noted that we have more out of town visitors than local visitors to the show.  The local people do not know what they are missing.  Many who attend the shows are amazed at the majestic beauty of the Peteetneet building.
    The Arts Council spends many hours planning the quilt show and all the art exhibits that appear each month in the Art Gallery.  The exhibits are well-planned in advance and it is the greatest desire of the Peteetneet Arts Council to make all their events worthwhile for all who attend.
    Dona stated she is very happy to be able to show visitors through the museum and see all the wonderful  exhibits we have to share.  The museum is always so clean and orderly and everyone that visits is amazed at the extent of the variety of articles  on display here.  He biggest concern is that many people do not take the time to take advantage of al that the museum has to offer.  The building is always a beehive of activity, with so many people giving of their time and talents in selfless service.
    Dona has a second home in Torrey, Utah where she loves to escape with family and friends for some time of rest and recuperation to enjoy the beauties of nature and the great outdoors.  She feels her life has been extremely blessed with an abundance of things that matter most and she wants to enjoy every minute of it.
    The volunteers at Peteetneet all share a bond of common interest and dedication to preserving our heritage.  They enjoy sharing the varied displays and programs at the Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center.  The volunteers all agree that “The Peteetneet is one of Payson’s best kept secrets.” Let’s let everyone know and let the secret out.

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