Wednesday, September 23, 2015


By Dona Brian

    Top photo: Dee DeHart (left) and Liz Laney (right) with the gorgeous quilt that will soon belong to some lucky person participating in this year's fundraising drawing. Lower photo: Meet the Peteetneet Quilt Show Committee and helpers for 2015: Loralee Deschamps, Audrey Deschamps, Lanay Brinkerhoff, Brandy Masher, Margaret Cooper, Dona Brian, Liz Laney, Deslie Davis, Kristin Roylance, Claire Roylance, Krystal Meldrum, and Dee DeHart Come to the Payson Quilt Show, and you might walk away with this beautiful quilt.
    It was pieced and appliqued by Dee DeHart and Liz Laney. The quilt is a turned applique quilt which is a very difficult technique and very intricate. There are designs embroidered on it also of a spider ai»d web, and insects which are Victorian symbols believed tq bring you good luck. These special designs were drawn by Liz and embroidered by Dee. It was quilted by Lynn Peterson.

    Shirley learned to embroidery at a young age from her grandmother. She truly learned the art of beautiful handwork throughout her life and she shared this talent with many friends and family. She loved the art of quilting and piecing together quilts.
     Her early accomplishments would prepare her for the beautiful quilt work she enjoyed in her later retirement years. Some of the first quilts she made were what she called her utility quilts. Those were made and shared for practical reasons. But her favorite quilting season in life came when she joined several quilt guilds and it was during this time that she became a skilled artist. Her favorites were her "Red" work quilts and scrappy quilts. She always had a project going and another two or three in line.
    She truly was happiest when her hands were busy creating another quilt. With each challenge and project completed, she found satisfaction in the beautiful work she was able to accomplish. One of the most difficult things she endured in the last year of her life was to no longer be able to do her quilting and piece work. It is an honor to have her work displayed and shared with family and community. That would have brought her joy.

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