Monday, February 2, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Sue Wilson


    The Peteetneet Museum is so thankful for all the wonderful volunteers who serve at the museum each week.  Most of the volunteer tour guides volunteer at least three hours each week and many of them come in and work for other volunteers if they are unable to cover their shift.
    One of our fantastic volunteers is Sue Wilson.  Sue volunteers every Thursday afternoon each week.  Sue is a lovely southern girl who was born in Bluefield, Virginia.  When she was quite young, her family moved bo Bluefield, West Virginia where she grew up and attended school.
    After graduation from high school she then attended a business collage to obtain her education.  She then obtained employment with the Navy Department in Washington, D. C. as a typist.  While she was working in Washington, D. C. she met her future husband, Grant Wilson, at church.  After about a year of courtship they traveled to Salt Lake City and were married in the Salt Lake Temple.
    She and her husband made their first home in Maryland where her husband finished his schooling and worked for the government.  Her first three children were born in Maryland.
    Her  husband’s position  with the government then took them to Missoula, Montana.  While they were living there, a fourth child joined their family.
    The government then transferred her husband to Las Cruces, New Mexico where they lived for several years.  Her husband’s employment then took them to Albuquerque, New Mexico for about four years.  They lived in a small town just outside Albuquerque called Los Lunas.  They lived on twenty-two acres and really enjoyed trying to be “part-time farmers,”
    When her husband retired from government service, he wanted to make just one more move.  That was when they moved to Payson.  She has never been really sure how they landed here since they did not ever know anyone at all in the area.
    After their move, they worked in the Temple for many years.  They enjoyed this calling a great deal.  Sue became a volunteer at Peteetneet about 2010.  She loves the beautiful building and has really enjoyed her service at the museum.  She said she has met and made friends with some very special people since she became involved her.
    The Peteetneet Museum has really appreciated the positive influence that Sue brings to her volunteer service and she is greatly appreciated. 

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