Monday, February 2, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight--Paula Stallings


    Paula was born in Payson on January 16, 1947.  She lived in Salem until her father passed away in 1960.  He family then moved to Guadalajara, Mexico (Old Mexico).  She lived there until she graduated from high school in 1966.  She then returned to the United States to attend college.  She obtained her degree in accounting.
    She married Lewis Stallings from Mapleton in 1972.  They and they had three wonderful children and a number of grandchildren, who we are sure she “never”spoils.  She is very involved with her children and grandchildren and does a lot of things with them.
    Lewis and Paula went into partnership with John and Jana Wicker.   They opened and operated Payson Tire on 200 South and 100 West in Payson.  John later was injured in an accident.  They then sold their share of the business to the Wickers.  After they  left the tire business and Lewis returned to school and became a RN.
    Paula began working for Central Distributing for Boyd Cobbley.  Central Distributing owned the Mr. G’s Convenience Stores and Budget Fuel that later became Fuel America.  Fuel America was later sold to Flying J and the Mr. G’s stores were sold to Circle K Convenience Stores.
    Paula then embarked on a new career at Nestle’s (Stauffers) in Springville in the accounting department for a number of years.  She has also worked at the Daily Herald and Mountain View Hospital.
    When her husband became ill, she retired to care for him.  He passed away in 2009.  After her husband passed away, she liked being retired so she did not return to work.  Through a mutual friend who was a volunteer at Peteetneet, she decided to also volunteer as a tour guide at the museum.  She has enjoyed being around people and making many new friends while serving as a volunteer.  She really enjoys spending some of her time serving in this capacity.
    Paula enjoys reading and doing handwork.  She has become involved with the Cultus Club.  Many of her fellow volunteers are also members of this civic club.
    We have been so appreciative and Paula and the wonderful job she does as a volunteer.  She brings a special presence and positive feeling when she comes into our building.

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