Thursday, February 12, 2015

Permanent Art Collection


    The Peteetneet Museum is very fortunate to have a permanent art collection in our building.  We have over 60 pieces of oil paintings, prints, and sculptures.  Many of the oil paintings and prints are located on the various floors of the building as well as the Western Room and the Permanent Art Collection Room.
    As you enter the room housing many of our pieces you will not a bronze plaque that dedicates this room to Lola Oldroyd, the wife of Dr. M. L. Oldroyd.  The plaque reads as follows:

Lola Olson Oldroyd–Mother
October 9 1904-February 16, 1961
She picked us up a thousand time
Yet never let us down unselfishhly, supporting
others, an iron hand
in a velvet glove...
The Epitome of Love
We fondly dedicate this room to
our mother and yours
Marilyn, Jay, Mark

    This room houses beautiful pieces of art hanging on all of the walls.  There is a large grand piano that dominates the front of the room.  It is a very restful, inviting room in which to relax and enjoy the beautiful art work or a small intimate recital or concert area.   This room is also utilized by several of our local civic clubs.
    Many other wonderful paintings hang of the walls of the various floors of the building.  Several sculptures are located on the main and upper floors as well as in the Lee and Jean Staheli Western Room.
    If you haven’t visited Peteetneet, make it a point to visit and enjoy a few restful, inviting moments enjoying our art collection.  In addition to our permanent collection, the Peteetneet Arts Council also host a rotating art exhibit in the Art Gallery on the Main Floor.

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