Sunday, February 15, 2015

Peteeetneet Spotlight Exhibit--Queen's Display


    The Peteetneet Museum is very fortunate to have a large collection of past celebration Queens for over 100 years.  There were various queens chosen for various events in the past.  Even though out first queens for the Payson Homecoming and Onion Days did not begin until about 1930, we do have photos of earlier queens chosen for other events. 
    In the beginning, there was a Homecoming Queen and a Miss Payson as well as their attendants selected each year.  Later, it was decided to have only one queen the attendants to represent Payson in the annual Homecoming celebration.  In later years, Miss Payson reigned as the city royalty as well as the Queen of the Payson Onion Days and Homecoming.
    The Queen’s Display is located on the south wall of the auditorium as well as some of the later one being displayed in the hallway adjacent to the auditorium. 
    It is interesting to view each of the photographs and notice the various changes in the style of dress as well as the changing hair styles.
    Visit the museum and view the photos of the past Payson Royalty and the other displays in the museum.  You can also visit us online at and take an information tour of our various display areas.  Be sure and visit us soon.

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