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Payson City PARC Program

Parks Arts Recreation & Culture   

Q: What is PARC?

A. PARC stands for "Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture." Payson City has a PARC program/sales and usage tax proposal that will be on the November 8, 2016 ballot

Q: What does the PARC program do?
A: If passed, a portion of the sales tax (one penney for every $10 spent)
would go to fund park improvements, city recreation, local art programs and cultural organizations.


Q: What types of programs could PARC support?^ \y ^ ^
A: The intent of the PARC program is to generate nWH^pport-fo} things
like biking and walking trails, live theater, choral groups, bands, festivals, parks, park
improvements, recreation facilities, museums, youth arts programs, and more.

Q: Who pays for PARC?
A: The sales tax revenue will come from residents and non-residents who shop in Payson. It would raise the sales tax on non-food purchases from 6.75% to 6.85%- similar to Orem. Provo and American Fork.

Q: When would the PARC program start and end?
A: The PARC program/sales usage tax isn't currently in effect. Residents have an opportunity to either pass or reject the proposal with a "Yes" or No" vote on Tuesday. November 8. If passed, it will go into effect on January 1. 2017. The program lasts for eight years and can only continue if the citizens vote to extend the program. If going into vote is difficult for residents, they can vote via absentee voting.

Q: Who decides how to spend the money?
A: If passed, allocation of funds would be recommended by an independent committee of Payson citizens and approved by the City Council.

Q: Who can apply to get money from the PARC program?
A: Any local non-pro ^organization related to Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture can app^ to receive a portion of the PARC monies.

Q: Can this money be used by Payson City to put into its general budget?

A: The money is earmarked for the Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture projects or to give grants to non-profits arts, recreation and culture programs.

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  1. How is there a "comittee" for PARC all ready when the issue hasn't even passed yet? This seems to me like the cart has been put before the horse and some members of our City Council and City Government is allready playing favorites. I warned in the Voter Guide when I wrote the CON speaking out against the PARC that we would be supporting unnacountability with our tax dollars. It looks like it has all ready happened as we have had no say whatsoever in this so called Committee and it has all ready been filled with the puppets that the city wants to dispense this tax increase. A NO vote against this bill is not a vote against Art and Recreation, but a vote against unnacountability spending on pet projects. If you want money to cover the pool, then raise a tax specifically to that. If you want money to give the the Huish Theatre, then raise a tax specifically for that. No hiding behind a "comittee of citizens" to fund your pet project.